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How to Plant

  • The Plants

    The garden decorations consist of very detailed frames. The frames are filled with sphagnum moss,
    and worked with Moss Green, making them nice and long remain green. 
    On top of this, it is possible to save the graphics to life with all kinds of plants.
    Moss serves as a breeding ground for the plant, which can grow in all kinds of things!


    Look for the specially selected plants on the plant list.

  • How to plant?

    There are two ways to make a figure to the first plant is from the outside through the back frame and the second is through the frame to open and from the inside the plants in the figure to place.


    - From the outside:
    1. Saturate the figure with water and drain.
    2. Use a sharp object (eg screwdriver) a hollow in the moss and plant the plants herein.


    - From the inside:
    1. Saturate the figure with water and drain.
    2. Cut the ty-raps and remove the pieces of moss on the place you want to plant.
    3. Place the plant in the figure.
    Then pull the leaves gently through the frame out. After that place as much as possible previously removed moss back and connect the parts together again.
    Click here for an instructional video (english spoken)


    As far as possible outside of recommended plants, your plants might be too large for this then it is better from the inside to be planted.
    For tips on planting, see the plants list.


    After planting, it is good to the figure with extra water and nutrients to give it a few days in the shade to leave. After a few days you your animal at the desired location in detuin set. You can use the figures in the same way as watering hanging baskets and container plants.

  • Topiary Frames

    New are the Topiary Frames, a rabbit, a duck, a squirrel, the cactus and a large and a small mushroom as topiary frame available. The frames are at the bottom so they are easy to open a box or privet to award. Look in the range of topiary frames.


    Creative figures

    Due to the fine-meshed frames, there are numerous other uses for the Figs. For example, a garden statue of textile hardener immersed in clothing, a stuffed bear with pine cones, an elephant covered with lead or a teddy bear covered with ivy (ivy). See also: Custom-made Figures.

  • Artopya figures in the winter

    The figures themselves can just stay outside, the moss will not grow anymore and can just frost. The figures should be in when they are planted with plants that are not hardy, and if you want to keep for next season. In this case, we recommend the figure in a frost-free place to put it prior to this and a little watering.