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Choose one of the many inspiring forms

Spring green frogs, majestic elephants, purring cats. Or do you prefer a flamingo next to your pond? With the green friends from Artopya you can bring the animals from all over the world into your garden.

We deliver multiple sorts of figures. As frame, filled with sphagnum moss and complete with plants.

Would you like a figure but its not on our webshop? Please contact us. Custom made figures are our specialty! We would love to make it for you 

The very strong and epoxy coated frame exists out of two or more parts, which makes it easy to fill the figure with sphagnum moss.

Moss filled
The figures are filled with sphagnum moss so that the outside look nice and it will absorb water. The different parts can be closed with cable ties and is possible to colour the moss with Mossgreen for resisting from browning and for better moisture retention. 

The moss filled figures serve as soil in which you can grow your plants. Different plants suit each figure. Semperviviums and sedums fits very well with forms like frogs, tortoises and "Nessie" the Loch Ness Monster. Grass is nice to create the manes of a horse or a lion.

New! Topiary Frames 
A rabbit, a duck, a squirrel, a cactus and a small and big mushroom are available as topiary frames. They can be opened completely and at the bottom is a large hole. At this way it is easy to put the frames around a, well grown, box or privet and trim them in the shape of the figure. 



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