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This lion is watching over you.

(Dimensions in HxLxW)

Create a stunning garden feature with this fantastic wire-frame!

These 3 dimensional, hand crafted, one of a kind sculptures are made with varying gauges of metal wire which are hand shaped and then welded to form the desired design. The final touch is the eyes which really help to bring each piece to life. Most pieces come in sections to allow for reduced shipping costs as well as giving alternative planting methods. These uniquely hand crafted frames will make your gardens first impression a lasting one. The frames are constructed using varying gauges of high quality metal, hand welded and wrapped, and finished with an elegant black color. With every frame being handmade, this makes each piece unique.

All items are manufactured in sections which helps with shipping costs and also alternative planting options. Most Topiary come in a variety of sizes and styles. We can also custom make any of our stock Topiary to any size your heart may desire!

* NOTE: As every piece is handmade, all dimensions shown are approximate and may vary slightly making each one "One Of A Kind".

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